This Will Make You Instantly Fall In Love With The LTO5 Cartridge – Even If You Hated It


There are numerous debates concerning the best data storage media. However, some people come into such debates with certain preconceived notions, without critically assessing actual information concerning the products.

If you haven’t installed a data backup system using the LTO5 cartridge, most probably you aren’t aware of the incredibly useful features of such a storage media. This useful guideline will give you valuable insights concerning the LTO’s features that will make you fall in love with it – even you hated it.

Incredibly Useful Features of the LTO Generation 5 Cartridge

The introduction of any new generation LTO isn’t just a haphazard thing, but it’s based on extensive research on the needs of users as well as input from licensees and industry analysts. This ensures that every new generation addresses existing performance needs and cost.

1. Radically Increased Capacity

One typical feature of every LTO generation is the significant and progressive increase in capacity. Indeed, generation 5 LTOs possess almost double the capacity of generation 4 cartridges. You’re likely to find up to 3 TB in a generation 5 cartridge. Having such a significant capacity increase with virtually no change in the size of cartridge, means that businesses would require much less floor space dedicated to backup systems.

2. Increased Backup Speeds

With increased capacity, the last thing you would want is to have the same back up speeds. The 5th generation cartridge comprehensively caters to this need by having faster back up speeds than the previous generation. This allows you to complete backup processes much faster even as you store so much more data.

3. Data Protection Systems

LTO isn’t just useful for storage of general information, but it will also serve well in backing up highly sensitive data. This is made possible by high level encryption features built into the cartridges. Furthermore, you can be assured of the integrity of the information you’re backing up due to the in-built WORM (Write Once Read Many) technology.

4. Compatibility Across LTO Generations

If you intend to upgrade your backup system from the LTO 3 cartridges to the 4th or 5th generations, you should have no worries. You can easily do so since the fifth generation tape drives are designed to read and write onto 4th generation cartridges, as well as reading LTO 3 cartridges. This is an industry standard requirement within the LTO technology in order to ensure that the information you stored in earlier LTO versions doesn’t become irretrievable.

5. Advanced Filing System

The fifth generation LTO possesses a dual-partitioning capability, upon which the Linear Tape File System (LTFS) is dependent. This system enables storage of data in separate partitions holding the content’s index and the actual content. Such a system is particularly useful for archiving, since data can be more easily retrieved by using the system’s browser directory tree. Moreover, such a system provides as much flexibility as you would find in a memory stick, since you can easily make use of the drag-and-drop feature.

Based on these useful features, you can easily see why such companies as CERN have absolutely fallen in love with the LTO tapes.

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