Residual Internet Income from Home


Residual Internet Income from HomeFirst, let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Chris and I have been working for myself for the last 6 years. I graduated with a BS in Civil Engineering and began the career put before me. I did what was expected of me. I showed up for work in my uniform (suit and tie), put in my hours (and then some) and, in exchange, the company I worked for gave me a salary. I did that for 25 years!

Most of you reading this article are probably in similar situations. You show up for work and do your job and you get paid; then you do it all over again the next week. Repeat as necessary to pay the bills. You probably work 5 out of 7 days each week and maybe get 2 or 3 weeks of vacation during the year. Again, repeat as necessary to pay your childs tuition or the mortgage or whatever. You have become an indentured servant of the system. You cant start a new career because you would be starting off with an entry level salary and your bills are too high for that, right? So what do you do? You continue to trade your hours for dollars until retirement, right?

But you want to quit your job, right? But if you quit, so does your income. Thats why I searched high and low for some form of RESIDUAL income that I could build that would be sustainable for the long haul. First, what is residual income? Residual income is money that you make when youre NOT working and it can come from multiple sources. But you have to either have somebody or something working FOR you while youre out enjoying life the way it should be enjoyed.

Not wanting the hassle of having any employees (insurance, human resources, hiring, firing, etc.), I ruled out having someBODY work for me. That left someTHING. But what? Here were my criteria: * No recruiting of people

* No requirement to buy product

* No requirement to sell product

* FREE to get started. Nothing to buyno buying e-books, no “shiny objects” promising to make me a millionaire by next week.

* No multi-level or network marketing where only the top 2% get all the money

* FREE training available

* No upfront investment required


* FAST results

Well, I found it and I took action immediately. I found a step-by-step guide on how to make money from the internet with little or no investment. I started right away and I was making money within 24 hours. No kidding. So take action now thats the only way youll succeed.

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