Is Phone Prospecting Something That Scares You?


Are you afraid of picking up that phone and prospecting?

Well, youre not alone. I have always been a people person, and yet this scared me as well. I couldnt believe I was scared of phone prospecting.

Last week training with Tim Sales and it all became very clear to me.

Are you afraid of rejection? Yep, this was my biggest fear, I didnt want to hear anyone tell me NO!

Do you think phone prospecting can be fun? Well I am going to share with you a key point that I have learned, so you will be ready and able to have the confidence in yourself the next time you make that call.

The first thing I want to tell you is, just have fun, you dont need to be so serious, just pick up that phone and start that conversation.

Do not do anything else; you want to give 100% attention to your prospect. You want to become so interested in them that they will want to tell you their life story.

You want to be in control of the conversation at all times. How? You are the one who will be asking the questions. You may be asking, “What Kind of questions?” Ask questions about them, have you ever heard of FORM?

F-Family- Do they have a family? People love to talk about their loved ones. Get them talking about this subject first and you will get their attention.
O- Occupation- What do they do? Do they like what they are doing? What do they dislike about it?
R-Recreation-What do they like to do when they are not working? This one can take lots of direction, especially if they like vacationing.
M- Money- In todays economy almost everyone has money challenges, so hit those buttons, and get them talking about it.

You want to be so interested in your prospect, you need to care about them, this call IS NOT about you, so dont you dare mention anything about yourself. This is something I was doing wrong; I always tried to relate my circumstances with theirs. BIG NO NO!!!

Just communicate easily and practice this and get good at it. Remember you are there to help them in some way, they need your help.

The best way to overcome fear is practice, practice; pick up that phone and do it.

Here is a Great tip, you can record your calls, use, go ahead and record your call, then you can go back and listen to yourself, this is an excellent way to find out how you are handling the conversation. I can promise you this technique works, because you will hear what questions are getting them talking and the next time you pick up that phone and start prospecting you will remember this.

This training call with Tim has taken my business to a new level, and I am more then happy to share these tips with you today in hopes that yours will to.

I do have some more tips that I will share in the future, but for now go ahead and start implementing what you have just learned.

Now go and pick up that phone, dial your prospects number and start that first conversation today. Taking action is the only way you will ever get better. Become that Master Prospector and your business will take on a new direction.

Remember people buy from people they know like and trust, build that relationship with them first, then the sale will be easy.