HP LTO 5 – Get Acquainted With The Product Features


Many people think they have safely stored their information, only to realize (when it’s too late) that they did not take enough measures to ensure the information was sufficiently backed up. It is therefore important to consider a system that will be suitable for your needs. If you need a solution for backing up your data in a cost effective way, then you should consider using the HP LTO 5 products.

HP LTO Products

Hewlett Packard (HP) is an LTO Technology Provider and is the market leader in manufacturing LTO drives, with a 54 percent market share in LTO tape drives globally. The Linear Tape Open technology is a single reel tape technology for storage with a high capacity. It is a tape format that can be scaled and is easily adaptable.

HP LTO products have very high performance if you are looking for tape-based data protection. HP LTO 5 tapes give your data integrity since they have correction codes for error and also perform read-while-write in order to verify the data. You will be able to recover a full track that has been lost, which means you can recover 32mm of tape that cannot be read. They have a tape path that has been simplified and a head cleaner that is active.

Enhanced Performance

HP LTO 5 products come with a Dynamic Data Rate Matching element that helps to adjust the tape’s speed to that of the data coming from the host. This means the head of the tape does not need to keep repositioning while it waits for the next incoming data. Due to this feature, the performance of the tape is enhanced, power is used efficiently, and wear of the head and tape is also reduced.

Linear Tape File System (LTFS)

HP LTO 5 products all have data encryption to ensure the stored data. They also come with partitioning, where a portion of the tape holds the file, while another portion conducts the task of indexing and is therefore able to tell the drive where the file is stored in the tape. Partitioning enables the use of the linear tape file system (LTFS) – the indexed information is read by the drive in a format that is easy to use.

LTFS provides the capability to ‘drag and drop’, and the interface for file management makes it very simple to manage data. The time required to access files is reduced since the directories and tape files can be seen on the desktop in directory listing. You can then use different functions on the files in the same way you would use the functions if the files were saved on removable media or a hard disk.

Product Variety

When you use HP LTO 5 products, you are assured of a wide variety of choices and prices that will suit your pocket. You can choose from different interface options, and the products are compatible with a wide range of software and hardware platforms. The HP LTO 5 drives work well with most of the system configurations in use.