Going Solo-Step 2


At some point many of us reach an impasse in our careers that impacts our lives and livelihood. The current economic crisis has certainly exacerbated this situation for many of us. You may be nervous about your company and feel insecure in your job. You may have already lost your job and are frustrated by the lack of prospects in your job search. This may be the time to start thinking about striking out on your own. If you dream of financial independence with the related quality-of-life benefits, self-employment, starting your own business doing something you love, may be your career-altering decision. If so, you are ready to take the giant leap of exploring the possibilities of going solo.

Specifically, it is about entrepreneurship where you select your ideal business You may love to tinker with cars, have a hobby or artistic talent or have an expertise from your work history that you can turn into a business. Another option is capitalizing on an innate talent or ability. We are all born with a gift that manifests itself in our early years. It may or may not be easily identifiable but it is there.

If you are not aware of your special ability, ask your mother, father, siblings, friends, spouse or even your children. Your gift may be the key to deciding on a business that is right for you. Perhaps, youve always wanted to start a home-based business. Or, you want to run a larger business requiring office space and employees. Remember, the sky is the limit in this endeavor.

Your next step is to take your concept and make it into a viable business venture. Start a short-list of possible businesses to start. After a few days review the list to see if any resonate with you more than any others.

To take your concept to reality there are some personality traits to turn the odds in your favor. In the early stages you will be responsible for all aspects of your business. This will require drive, ambition and self-motivation to turn your idea into a lucrative business. In addition you need to embrace change, be risk tolerant and consummate problem solver. Some basic traits that contribute to a persons success in any business include being innovative, creative, positive and proactive. Each of these traits ensures that you will thrive on the challenge of building a successful business from the ground floor up. Gather, assess and evaluate some of your traits that will ensure your success in a start-up business.

Successful entrepreneurs exhibit skills that represent a mix of attributes. These attributes include sales and marketing, communication, interpersonal and leadership skills. There is a reason that sales and marketing is listed first. They are the skills that out-weigh all others. In the first article, “Going Solo”, there were examples of two entrepreneurial brothers, Mark and Michael, who started their own businesses. Like their father, Mark and Michael are both born salesmen. Both brothers in very diverse business arenas have uncanny abilities in the areas of sales and marketing.

Mark tried hiring other salesman early in his business but they were unsuccessful. “They all had one fundamental flaw”, Mark explains, “as they did not know how to close the sale.” After each salesman left his company Mark went back to each of their prospects and closed the deal. Most of these clients are still with Mark today.

In the same vein Michael once said, “There may be better musicians in Denver but they do not know how to sell themselves so they never get their foot in the door to play their music.”

Because Mark and Michael also display self-confidence and have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, their clients respond favorably to them so they invariably land the job. Consider some of your attributes that you feel will contribute to your success.

Are you ready to take control of your life by making a right turn in your career? If so, it is time to select from your abilities, expertise or work history to determine the business that is the right fit for you. Also, assess your traits, skills and attributes that will ensure success in the early stages of starting your business. Once you have found your niche, you are ready to launch your own business and become the next successful entrepreneur.

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