Facial Determination and Bank Recognition?


Maybe the Muslim Women are smarter than all of us for wearing garments covering up their bodies and heads. Maybe we all need to wear sunglasses and disguises to protect our identity? No, I am not paranoid or delusional, just a Futurist Thinker who ponders a potential future which might not be something we’d care to live in. Yes, let’s talk shall we?

Not long ago, an old acquaintance of mine and I were discussing FRT – Facial Recognition Technologies, and she told me: “I had read that in some of the larger banks, they are using them also and that the person’s name is put onto computers so the bank employees can greet them and make them feel important – odd that we will no longer be in control of our images.”

Well, you know, Facial Recognition at Banks, interesting + if someone is going to rob the bank, everyone knows it as they walk in – but what about mistakes? Arresting someone’s son or daughter?

Still, as nice as this might be to feel important wouldn’t you feel weird if the Wal-Mart Greeter said hi to you using your first name while they were wearing Google Glasses? At that point you might want to decide to disguise yourself or become paranoid. Of course, “just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you,” as a loyal customer that is.

My acquaintance laughed and stated; “Remember those glasses with the fake nose? Maybe we all might end up wearing a high tech version of those just to get our privacy back. I was curious about that and did some research and found that what people consider high cheekbones in the face are really fat pads that sit higher than normal. So it would not be a huge stretch to add those to the glasses and maybe fool someone briefly–at least long enough to get away and to safety. It is almost like a reversal of what forensic artists do to determine what someone would look like when all they have is a skull. Take that technology and use it to make disguises that would put off the curious.”

Yes, in the future everyone will try to fool the FRT – Facial Recognition Technologies, some will succeed and some will fail, but everyone who tries will be in disguise! The future is getting very interesting isn’t it? Just wait, because all this technology already exists and it is creeping into our lives slowly, personally that just creeps me out. Think on this.

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